Shakuhachi Links


Atsuya Okuda - A "Hocchiku" maker and master player with his own unique and powerful style.


Riley Lee - One of the most widely known Shakuhachi Players, Riley Lee has a huge catalogue of contemporary "New Age" recordings as well as more traditional shakuhachi repertoire.


Christopher "Yohmei" Blasdel - Author of the great shakuhachi centric biography, "the Single Tone".


Phil "Nyokai" James - My Shakuhachi teacher and head of the Nyokai-an Dojo.


Michael "Chikuzen" Gould - American Shakuhachi master and teacher, offers online lessons.


Stan Richardson - Another American Shakuhachi player and teacher from the same Jin Nyodo lineage as my teacher.


Tomoka Nagasu - Fantastic Biwa player and my personal favorite Shakuhachi player, formerly of the "J-pop" band "Rin'".


Adrian Freedman - Adrians CD, "Music on the edge of Silence", remains my favorite solo shakuhachi recording. He is a phenomenal player.




Mujitsu - One of the better known shakuhachi makers in the USA.


Perry Young - Yet another well known U.S. based shakuhachi maker.


Shugetsu - Shakuhachi maker in Japan, known for his longer jinashi flutes.


Shin-Sei - Wooden shakuhachi made by master Native American style flute maker, Colyn Petersen.


David Brown - Based in Australia, David Brown makes High quality wooden shakuhachi used by many professionals.


"Yuu" Naljor - Everyones favorite beginners shakuhachi, the plastic "Yuu" is a great way to find out if the shakuhachi is for you before laying down some serious cash on a bamboo flute. Neil is also a U.S. distributor for David Brown shakuhachis.  




International Shakuhachi Society - A truely awesome repostiory of knowledge on the Shakuhachi. Includes lists and biographies of players, makers and recordings.


Tai Hei Shakuhachi - While technically a shakuhachi maker in his own right, Monty's website is also a great one stop shop for all things shakuhachi. Includes hard to find shakuhachi and Japanese music recordings/CD's.


Shakuhachi Forum (aka the shakuhachi BBQ) - A great, searchable repository of shakuhachi knowledge and opinion.


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