Native American Style Flute Links

Here are a few links to some NASF related sites.
This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive list, 
it's more of an overview of some of my personal favorites.  




Mary Youngblood - One of the largest influences on my own playing, she blends comtemporary and traditional NAF styles seamlessly.


Mark Holland (Autumn's Child) - One of the most distinctive players I have heard to date, Mark treats the NAF as a true contemporary melody instrument.


Peter Phippen - Billed as a "World flautist", Peter plays the NAF as well as the shakuhachi, bansuri and numerous other world flutes.


Michael Graham Allen - Best known for his work with "Coyote Oldman", Michael is not only an excellent flute player but he is also one of the leading and original flute makers that started the current renaissance of the NA flute. Known for his reproductions of museum NAF's, he is also credited with the revival of the Anasazi/Hopi/Pueblo styles of end blown flutes. His recording "Floating on Evening, Songs from Otter River" is one of may all time favorite NAF CD's.


Bryan Akipa - A member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux tribe, Bryan has a very traditional sound and makes flutes as well.


Kelvin Mockingbird - NAF player for the band "Burning Sky", he also has several excellent solo recordings, I recommend "Sacred Fire".


Jan Seiden - Plays NAF and Anasazi flutes, she is an excellent teacher as well as performer.


Robert Mirabal - Robert Mirabal has long been one of the better known NAF players as well as maker. He later started releasing NAF recordings under the pseudonym Johnny Whitehorse. While it didn't work for Garth Brooks, it somehow works and even seems fitting for Mirabal.


Scott August - Awesome NAF, endblown flute player and Nammy winner from California.


Jeff Ball - Another top notch player, Jeff Ball plays with a band with a slight rock edge.


Ronald Roybal - A great NAF and Flamenco/Classical guitar player based in Santa Fe.


Evren Ozan - Every instrument seems to have a child prodigy, and Evran is most definately the NA flutes.


Hawk Henries - A local NAF player and maker, Hawk is a member of the Nipmuc Nation. I highly recommend checking out his recording "Keeping the Fire".


R. Carlos Nakai - The "King" of the NA flute, Nakai is almost single handedly responsible for the renaissance revival of the instrument.





Woodland Voices - Colyn Petersen makes some of the best looking and sounding NA flutes in the Woodlands style, and his wife Kitty does some of the best woodburning I've ever seen. Truly awesome instruments and some of my favorites in my collection.


Heartsong Flutes - One of the most well known plains style flute makers, JP Gomez makes some beautifully carved flutes that have distinctive, phenominal voices. His flutes are played by the likes of Mary Youngblood and Scott August.


Geoffrey Ellis Flutes - Geoffrey Ellis started out making woodland style NAF's, but now focuses on embrochure flutes like the anasazi and mojave as well as the Xiao and wooden transverse flutes.


Spirit of the Woods Flutes - Made by Ed Hrebec, his flute are used and endorsed by professional players such as Peter Phippen, Mark Holland and Jan Seiden.


White Crow Flutes - Barry Higgins is a master craftsman and is always working to improve his flutes, especially in the area of tuning and octave reach.


Butch Hall Flutes - It seems like you can't pick up a NAF recording these days without hearing a Butch Hall flute, but you won't wonder why after you've played one.


Woodsounds Flutes - Brent Haines makes flutes from exotic woods and burls with a shiny gloss finish, serious eye candy!


4 Wind Flutes - Brad Young makes some very nice sounding flutes in the Woodland style.


Woodland Flutes - Geoffrey Evans is a great player, flute maker and all around great guy who graciously hosts the Woodland Flute Circle at his home and workshop in Massachusetts.


Dream Spirit Flutes - Al Solbjor is a fellow member of the "Woodland Flute Circle" and an incredibly talented flute maker and player.


David Sanipass - A member of the Mic-mac tribe, David makes unique looking flutes in unusual tunings.


Kuzin Bruce Flutes - Bruce Belmore makes some simply awesome sounding flutes in the woodland style, at some simply awesome prices!


High Spirits - Good flutes at really good prices, Odell Borg's flutes are perfect for the beginner looking for a great sounding cedar flute that won't break the bank. While great beginners flutes, they are also used by professionals such as Bill Miller.





The Flute Portal - A large and growing community of Native American flute performers, players and enthusisasts, it has recently branched out to embrace world flutes of all types as well. This site also has an active forum, blogs, music and other great flute resources.


The Oregon Flute Store - Your one stop shopping for all your NAF needs.


The Flute Case Store - The name says it all, cases to keep your babys safe!

World Flute Society - I recommend joining even it it's just for their quarterly newsletter, "Voices of the Wind", a must have for the latest news in the NAF community.


Flutopedia - A great, extensive website devoted to the NAF. Includes history, making of, legends, fingering charts and much more!


Flutetree - Another NAF specific site with an assortment of NAF related material, includes a good selection of songs written out in NAF tablature.


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